Move Over Beer

Few things say summer and happiness like a delicious rack of ribs. And nothing says it like a delicious rack of ribs paired with a Weibel sparkling.

Bubbles cut perfectly through the rich, lustrous flavor of barbecued ribs- and lucky for us, there’s a Weibel bubbly to complement any variety of rib, sauce, or rub. Here are a couple of our favorite rib pairings:

Dry Rub + Pomegranate Sparkling

The pomegranate complements the pork while the sweetness and acidity will contrast perfectly with the salt and bold flavors in the rub. It’s also the ultimate way to cut through the heat if you like your rub spicy!

Sweet and Saucy + Peach mango Sparkling

Yum. A bold dish requires a bold wine. The fruity, tangy finish of a ketchup-based BBQ sauce is perfectly paired with the fruity peach mango, without overwhelming the palate.

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